the Click Cap


The need for a re-sealable can is clear, the solution has remained elusive. Cans are the only packaging format that cannot be reclosed once opened. Several attempts have been made to solve this problem, but none has made the race so far. With the click cap, Top Cap Holding has created a solution with the potential to become a commodity. The benefits for consumers, fillers and can producers can shake up the packaging industry.

Not only have we developed a can end that is 100% recyclable - our lid solution is compatible wth all current can seamers, allowing for immediate implementation without additional equipment. Having successfully tested the click cap at standard can seamer speed with an industrial filling plant, the transition to a superior can end can be seamless. Using only one plastic polymer, the click cap is the most economic solution and re-sealable can end on the market.

And beers and soft drinks alike keep their sparkling frehness.


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