Corporate & Vision


Top Cap Holding was established on a passion to build technology with a very clear core value: Strive to make things better. Our constant endeavour to improve every aspect of our company is behind everything we do: employment, corporate culture, innovation and partnerships.

As a low-asset driven corporation, Top Cap develops unique, future oriented, environmentally friendly and innovative packaging solutions. With our first product, the click cap, we have created the most innovative, practical and scalable resealable can-end in the market. the click cap sets a precedent of quality and innovation for all upcoming solutions. With our new manufacturing and testing plant, our R&D department, we are able to showcase our potential to food and beverage fillers globally.

Top Cap Holding is the place where the re-sealable can end for drink cans as well as its "big brother" - the re-sealable can end for food cans are developed. 

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